van racking - to rack or not to rack ?


Our range of van racking and storage solutions offer something for every trades person but deciding what works best for you is essential.

This useful guide should help you make the decision with a set of simple questions that will steer you in the correct direction.

Do you often find yourself ?

  • Looking for something your van
  • Wishing you had more space
  • Wishing you had more time
  • Visiting suppliers daily instead of working onsite
  • Running out of materials & fittings
  • Re-Organising your van
  • Worrying about tool theft

If you answered YES to one or more of the above then we would suggest reading the content to the right.

Having reached this point, you've decided that some form of van racking or storage is needed.

Whether it’s a single racking unit with shelves, a cabinet or van boxes, sliding drawers or racking accessories, the increase in usable space will mean you can carry more, keep everything in order & save time searching for tools or fittings.

Where to start?

  1. Empty your van
  2. Carry out audit, see which tools & materials are used daily, weekly etc...
  3. Plan how best to store & organise them for efficiency & security
  4. Take internal measurements & evaluate available space & positions
  5. Read the guides below to help choose your solution

Here to help

single & double universal Van Racking kits


Vanarack's range of van racking kits offer something for everyone.

Our budget friendly Trade Van Racking kits from Van Guard Accessories offer great value.

With professional quality van racking that is quick to build, lightweight & made to Van Guard's high standards.

Universal by Design...

Van Guard Trade Van Racking units are universal by design, with a choice of 2 heights: plus optional extension panels,  2 shelve types: Flat or Angled & 3 shelve lengths.

  • Frame Heights:       1000mm or 1250mm 
  • Extension Panel:    380mm ​ ​
  • Shelve Lengths:     750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm

Available as Single units consisting of 2 frames & 3 shelves or Double units consisting of 3 frames with 6 shelves.

Our pre-determined universal van racking kits are sized to suit most applications with options to choose a combination of flat or angled shelves to suit most users.

TVR 603 1

Please note:Shelve frames NOT shaped to vans contours.