The All NEW 2023 Transit Custom

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Featuring an entirely new infrastructure to suit customers needs better than ever, the all new Transit Custom is set to be every bit as popular as its predecessor.

Offered in a variety of powertrain options, including a range of  2.0L EcoBlue diesel engines which offer improved fuel efficiency and CO2 emmisions. A new 2.5L plug in hybrid with the option to run on electric only for up to 35 miles. Finally is the addition of the first all electric Transit Custom with a driving range of up to 236 miles. For customers working in tough enviroments, for the first time ever the all new Transit Custom is offered in a optional all wheel drive configuration with improved smoother 8-speed automatic transmition.

The 2.0L EcoBlue Diesel variant will have a  towing capacity of 2.8 tonnes whilst the Plug in Hybrid and the all electric models will be capable of towing a 2 tonne load.

For improved handling characteristics, the front wheels have been placed further fowards providing a more balanced stance with larger wheel arches have also been added allowing for 19" alloy wheels for better grip and stability.

All variants will be available as a Van, a double cab-in-van, a Kombi or with a new and unique L-shaped bulkhead. Two lengths and heights are available creating a maximum load volume of 9 cubic meters and a payload of up to 1,327kg (1.3t), with these configuration options, there is bound to be a transit custom that suits all purposes.

A lower load floor and step height is set to make working in and out of the vheicle and unloading easier than before, this combined with a new moulded bulkhead allows for the easy transportation of 8ftx4ft boards. To further the ease of unloading, power side loading doors are available as an option as well as the familiar wide opening rear doors or optional tailgate.

For those who require extra power on-site, the all new Pro Power option provides a onboard 2.3kw portable power supply, handy for running tools. charging batteries or powering aditional site lighting (available in Plug in Hybrid and all electric models). Rear load are lighting is also a optional feature allowing you to work more eaily form the rear of your van at any time of day or night. 

The interior of the Tranit Custom has also seen a redesign, however both people familiar to the ford ecosystem or anyone using a ford vehicle for the first time will find the features intuitive and easy to use. The interior features a 13" touchscreen, sync4 and a 5g modem as standard to allow easy conectivity and viewing of driving data, navigation and entertainment. The all new Transit Custom can be optioned with the new and innovative "Mobile Office Pack" allowing you to tilt your steering wheel and use it as a desk for your laptop, tablet or even eat lunch from. 

Here at Vanarack we are working to source products for the new Ford Transit Custom so that we can offer these to customers upon the expected delivery date of the vehicle in late 2023.


Roof Racks and Roof Bars Now Available: 


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