It's on its way... KammRack Black

Celebrating 20 years of evolution...

Introducing the KammRack Black.

All the market leading features of the regular KammRack, but with a stylish black finish.



Aerodynamic nose cone

The highly aerodynamic nose cones provide minimal wind noise and great aesthetics – now with matching colour side frames for a seamless all-black finish.

KammRack Black Nose Cone Closeup

Aluminium full-width rear roller

The rear roller is made from anodised aluminium, which is every bit as strong as its steel predecessor. The rear roller clicks into place when fitting, with two simple track nuts in the side frames.

KammRack Black Rear Roller

Pre-assembled KammBar legs

The KammRack Black’s legs arrive with the saddle and plastic cowls already in place for fast fitting.KammRack Black Side Frame Closeup

Keep am eye on our socials for new on the upcoming launch, give us a call if you want to join our pre-order list for this hotly anticipated product. We have a feeling this is going to be a very popular product.


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