4 x free load stops with all roof bars from Vanarack

Are your loads secure?


At Vanarack we believe that securing any load onto your van roof bars or roof racks must be treated with utmost respect, that is why every set of van roof bars purchased from us come with 4 Free load stops.

When used in conjunction with properly rated ratchet straps, load stops offer a safe means to help secure your materials like 8x4 sheets and timber products to the roof bars.

For ladders we would suggest using a pair of ladder clamps like the Rhino SafeClamp RAS21 for quick, safe and secure transportation of ladders.

See this article we recently stumbled across on the Daily Mail which demonstrates the dangers of poorly secured loads.

Dashcam captures terrifying moment a huge piece of wood flies off a van's roof rack and shatters car windscreen while driving at 50mph down a busy road


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