A range of van security products designed to keep your work van safe and secure. Delivered to your door…

Vanarack take commercial vehicle security serious and for this reason supply and fit a massive range of high quality and effective van security products which are designed to keep the contents of your work van secure. Whilst retaining the practicality you expect from you work van.

We have a selection of high quality large steel van tool stores with in built locks for storing your expensive power tools and hand tools securely and efficiently with in the rear of your work van. These can be bolted to the floor of your work van to prevent them from being taken in a theft attempt and also provide safety from heavy moving tools.

To provide protection to the rear glazed tailgate / doors we have a selection of steel van window grilles and blanks which provide both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier from entry through the van windows, these van window security grilles and blanks are easily installed in minutes.

Alongside the window security grilles we also have a range of metal van bulkheads, these provide protection to the load area of your work van by installing directly behind the vans seats making it near impossible to enter the rear of the van from the front. By adding a metal van bulkhead you will also improve driver and passenger safety, preventing goods and equipment from entering the cab area whilst in an accident or sudden stopping of the van.

A high percentage of theft from vans is carried out by attacking the van locks and gaining entry to the load area of the van. To protect your work van from this type of attack we have van lock protection plates from Armaplate and Proplate,.

Armaplate and Proplate van lock protectors are designed to protect the vulnerable area around your vans locks, they provide a great visual deterrent and offer an excellent physical barrier to entry.

Armaplates and proplate can also be a cheaper alternative repair if your van has already been damaged by a theft attempt, simply install them over the damaged area and your work van will be re-secured.

We also have a range of additional locks which can be fitted to your van and used alongside the factory locks, choose from either van deadlocks or van slamlocks.


Van Deadlocks are a mechanical device fitted to your van door. It operates by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key rendering the door almost impossible to force open. Deadlocks are more suited to owner drivers as they require you to operate the lock.


Van slamlocks are a device that automatically locks the van door immediately when it is shut, without requiring any operation by the driver. It is often used by courier companies as it provides excellent protection every time the door is shut.

Vanarack have van security products available for all popular makes and models of work vans including,

  • Citroen
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Iveco
  • Mercedes
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen

Great Value van security for all makes and models of work vans delivered free of charge to your door…

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